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nMontGras A Wine of Chile 1. A. Marketing strategy * MontGras became a successful story only through their marketing strategy. It took a determined path of exporting to the top rated wine importers in the world. * Through heavily exporting to U.K and U.S, MontGras segmented and exposed to some of the top wine consumers in the world * MontGras has been exporting 50% of their wines to U.K, which is strategically a worth move according to the rate of Chilean wines that are being exported to different countries. It’s worth noting that U.K is not in the top ten lists of wine production in the world but they are in number one in importing wine. * U.S is a strategic market for wine consumption and importation but…show more content…
U.S Market * U.S. market has a complicated three-tier distribution system * Producer to state-licensed wholesaler, state-licensed wholesaler to a state-licensed retailer, and state-licensed retailer is the only one allowed to sell directly to the consumer. * There are ten different markets in U.S. They are Florida, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, California, Illinois, and Oregon. * U.S being the fourth wine producer in the world * It consumes 9.3% of wine in the world * It imports 8% by volume and 18% by values in the world wide wine importing I would recommend U.K market because both in volume and value U.K is being importing higher than U.S. U.K has easy procedure to distribute nationwide than U.S. U.K has a perfect platform to excel in branding and building the image. U.S is lacking in distribution, numerous different markets and there are more domestic wine producers. Therefore, I would definitely recommend U.K. and in terms of distributor; I would recommend distributor who had worked in 1996 because Montgras gained 75% of sales through restaurants. Moreover, the fixed tax of £1 makes this a great market for reservas regardless of retail price. The expensive wines might be at least twice the quality lower end wine in terms of quality of the wine

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