Seasonal And Generic Sale Of Supply Chain

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Team members: Charles Maranga and Daliborka Kresovic Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Discussion 2 Selection criteria --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Inventory Management Policy----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Inventory turnover ratio------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Seasonal and Generic Sale of Supply Chain 8
Conclusion 9
References 10

Dell Inc., is an American multinational computer technology company having its headquarters in
Round Rock, Texas, United States. The company has over 103,300 employees working worldwide to serve the customers and is famous for the variety of products that it provides in the computer hardware sector. The company has a high brand value in the market due to its cost efficient and high quality products. The guarantee conditions provided by the company, for its products, have attracted a lot of customers throughout the world. The company has a huge network of suppliers, retailers, distributors and customers who have contributed their share to the success of the company. The pricing strategy adopted by the company for its highly durable and quality products are giving a tough competition to the big players in the market. Alienware is one of the
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