L. J. Watkins Company

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L. J. Watkins Company is a door manufacturing firm which enjoyed success during its early years. the company manufactures aluminum panel doors that used for sectioning off expansive areas, and it always relied heavily on its primary customer 's expansion of building plans for its success. It used to be the sole manufacturer of these types of doors but recently new competitors that have emerged and engaged in the market, with one attempting to attract Watkins’ client. The owner, Mr. Watkins, began looking for ways to enhance their competitive advantage through efficiency and cutting costs of production on realizing the emerging competition. Before this desire to introduce the new cost-reduction strategies, the company was characterized by a social and friendly environment among supervisors and employees. Supervision was minimal, with the company executives facing little pressure to meet the expectations of the firm. There were high levels of social interactions between the supervisors and employees during their breaks, which involved leisurely activities. When the employees worked overtime, there was hardly any supervision over their operations. Mr. Watkins only regularly walked around the workstations to observe the activities that taking place. As the president, he tasked his Vice President, Pat Eckers, with the responsibility of ensuring that the organizational goals and objectives were achieved. The delegation of responsibility was in consideration of Pat 's efficiency

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