L.L. Bean Is An Apparel, Home And Outdoor Equipment Retailer

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L.L. Bean is an apparel, home and outdoor equipment retailer based in Freeport, Maine. It was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean and has based its success upon top notch customer service. It is a privately held, family owned company with annual sales of $1.6 billion (L.L. Bean Company Information, n.d.). L.L. Bean is rather unique in that you won’t find a mission statement on their website. Instead what guides the company is the combination of L.L.’s Golden Rule, the guarantee that customers must be 100% satisfied in every way, their philosophy on what a customer is, and their stakeholder concept. These four fundamentals are found on the Company Values page (L.L. Bean Company Values, n.d.). L.L.’s Golden Rule deals with both …show more content…

Consideration was given to marketing the product without the L.L. Bean name, given the risk of damage to the reputable Bean brand in the case of total failure, but the decision was made with confidence to move forward with the product launch as a new, L.L. Bean product. L.L. Bean has a solid footing among its competitors, which among many others include Land’s End, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. In a somewhat outdated, yet still relevant article from ADWEEK, they talk about L.L. Bean’s way of dealing with customers by guaranteeing satisfaction over the long term as opposed to competitors’ stance of looking at the present sale or the short term (Bean Takes On Competitors By Touting Longevity, 2002). This philosophy on customer service is what makes L.L. Bean stand out over the competition. The product for this launch is a new item that will be a must-have for campers, hikers, and those who live in areas prone to power outages. It is a combination solar powered and wood, twig, brush fueled device that delivers electricity to power small items as well as charge cell phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets. It also has a built in light and serves as a heat source and small cooking stovetop. This product will appeal to a wide variety of target audiences, including the environmentally conscious, the technologically savvy, and the rustic, outdoor type. The value this product will provide is immeasurable.

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