Swot Analysis Of L. L Bean

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Introduction: L.L. Bean Inc. or simply L.L. Bean is a retail company that specializes in outdoor recreational equipment. Product selections ranges from tents, sleeping bags, camping packs, hiking gear and outdoor apparel. Founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, L.L. Bean remains a privately owned retail company. Leon Bean was an avid outdoors man and enjoyed hunting and fishing. When he initially set up shot L.L. Bean only sold one product the duck boot. This boot was designed to be lightweight and waterproof intended for hunters. Later on Leon Bean started to branch out by selling other outdoors gear such as backpacks and tents and would eventually produce their own clothing line. L.L. Bean has since become a global company but remains …show more content…

Competitive Analysis L.L. Bean is currently in a market where there are few stores that dominate. They face competition from companies such as Columbia, North Face, REI & Timberland. In some cases these companies may offer a wider range of products, more appealing design and higher quality. Where L.L. Bean stands out is there in country manufacturing and Discovery School classes. Not only are they selling outdoor gear they are offering outdoor classes as well. The way I look at it is, they offer a product and a way to test it out at the same time so you know whether you are buying a good quality product. But this however may still not be enough to succeed. Below I have included a list of L.L. Bean’s competitors. Columbia Columbia Sportswear may not be one of L.L. Beans strongest competitors as they do not offer equipment but they do have a strong presence in apparel and offer a good quality product. Based on the west coast in Washington County Oregon. Similar to L.L. Bean Columbia is family owned but traded on public stock exchange. Columbia Sportswear takes pride in manufacturing there products and has taken a stance to be environmentally friendly. Since Columbia does not

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