L. L Bean Mission Statement

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L.L.Bean is a department store that sells outdoor apparel and equipment. It was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonward Bean who had a vision of keeping customers satisfied. Over the past 100 years, the company has further evolved this vision. They achieved this by defining the mission and values and then supporting that mission with their business strategies. The Human Resources department then tries to support these goals by hiring the right people into the right positions. L.L.Bean clearly defines its mission and values. The mission statement on the top of the L.L.Bean webpage is “At L.L.Bean, we’re passionate about what we do and not afraid of a challenge. After all, passion and hard work have defined who we are for more than a century. And these guiding principles coupled with the integrity and dedication of our people will propel our success into the next 100 years. Join a team of innovative professionals with a love for the outdoors, a commitment to service and a shared excitement for the future.” To further explain their values, they display their founders golden rule by …show more content…

They are doing this globally with the environment in mind. Internet sales are one of the many keys to their success. They boast about their website stating it “is among the top-rated e-commerce sites in the industry.” They are able to expound on their internet sales by offering free shipping. As part of the globalization strategy, they broaden their clientele by developing a retail store in Tokyo, Japan in 1992 and they also send catalogs to over 170 countries. Among all of their other business strategies, they highlight their environmental focus as one of their main ongoing achievements. They have an entire page that is titled L.L.Bean and the Environment where they share their views on the importance of taking care of the environment and the strides that the company is currently

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