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Nand Kishore Bissoo 19 September 2014 Level 4 PTLLS Assignment

Unit 008 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning:

1.1 The relevant legislations for teachers are Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.This act aims at protecting people against risks to health and safety in connection with their activities at work. The Race Relations Act 1976.This act prohibits discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality or ethnic origins, in employment, education, provision of services and facilities. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975.According to this act, it is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of sex, marital status or gender reassignment, in
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2.2 As a teacher, we also have limitations and there are times that we were not able to meet the learners need, therefore, it is a must and our responsibility that we are aware of all necessary referrals or support that are available in your organisation for the benefit of your students. This could be the head teacher, your colleagues, or any outside organisation that could help in meeting their needs.
2.3 The responsibilities of a teacher. Teachers’ responsibilities can be individual as well as, responsibilities to their colleagues (team) and organisation. The responsibility of teachers to their team is to work together to create and share resources. This is necessary because sharing resources saves time creating new ones as well as is cost effective. Ensuring the proper use and management of resources can also be an organisational responsibility.
3.1 A learning environment in which learners feel safe, relaxed, and willing to take risks, especially for learners who may have had negative experiences in traditional classroom environments. Students often describe supportive learning environments as expanding their sense of family and enhancing their self-esteem, when combined with increased literacy skills, help students take more chances in pursuing their goals. To create a supportive learning environment Build a strong classroom community, the adult education classroom can play an important role in helping learners
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