Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 1

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Hayley Simpson HAY851SI Teaching Assistant level 3 Assignment 1 Question 1 Give examples of how you would plan activities. Planning and preparation of teaching is supremely important, the teacher and teaching assistant need to work together to achieve the best learning result. Lesson plans and structures will be implemented and will be catered for each learner; they will include teaching methods and techniques, assessments and targets. Teachers have policies, procedures and regulations to adhere to and within organisations will have to take into consideration budgets and resources. As a teaching assistant it is my responsibility to support the teacher in the planning of learning activities according to the relevant curriculum.…show more content…
Schools employ and have teaching assistants, to again, create the best possible learning environment for the pupils. As a teaching assistant I will work as part of a team working to make the pupils learning journey, a successful one. I will attend staff meetings and continue to develop my skills through in-house training and other relevant courses. I will maintain and contribute to school policies and procedures, and work in partnership with parents and carers on behalf of the school. Supporting the curriculum is also one of my roles. Under the guidance of a classroom teacher I will understand the theories of learning. I will be aware of the development process in learning and any difficulties, the factors that affect pupils and how each national strategy works, including national numeracy and national literacy. In addition to these roles I will also have general tasks including; Preparing classrooms and check safety of equipment Help pupils with physical disabilities Check and supervise pupils work Be encouraging towards pupil Question 5 Briefly describe the role of the teaching assistant in relation to the teacher As a teaching assistant it is my role to ‘assist’ the classroom/subject teacher. I will help the teacher to implement learning amongst the pupil’s. This may include preparing the classroom, tidying up after activities etc. general classroom duties that are
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