Lab Experiment : Diffusion And Osmosis

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Lab 6: Diffusion and osmosis Honey I Shrunk the Carrot is the tittle of Lab 6. In this lab, the objective was to observe the changes in size of a carrot. The tip of both carrots was removed and a string was tied around both carrots. Two Styrofoam cups of distilled water was prepared and two grams of salt was added to one cup. One carrot was placed in the salt water, and another was placed in the distilled water. Both cups were put to the side, and sat for twenty-four hours. At the end of the twenty-four hours the change in the size of each carrot was recorded based on the looseness or tightness of the string. The carrot in the salt water shrunk in size, while the carrot in the distilled water swelled. In this lab, I learned the way osmosis and diffusion work in nature. The carrot and the salt water was a decent representation of the process. By observing the carrots, the swelling or shrinking of cells during diffusion and osmosis was illustrated and better understood. Osmosis happens in cells, but we also use it in technology. Osmosis is used to preserve fruits and meats according to Science Clarified. “In the case of fruit, osmosis is used to dehydrate it, whereas in the preservation of meat, osmosis draws salt into it, thus preventing the intrusion of bacteria” (1). According to the World Future Society, people in Europe are trying to turn osmosis into a source of renewable energy. “Osmotic power, as it is called, creates electricity when quantities of salt water are

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