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Variables Affecting Human Arterial Pressure and Pulse Rate


The woozy feeling when standing up too quickly. After going for a run, feeling as if one more beat and the heart would project itself out of the chest. Or quite the opposite and being in a very relaxed state. These are all changes one experiences at some time or another. What causes the different feelings and how each variable affects pulse rate and blood pressure has many wondering. Because of this curiosity, an experiment was performed to get some answers. The purpose of the experiment is to see how different variables affect pulse rate and blood pressure. Before starting the experiment, self educating
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It is hypothesized that while doing this, the subject arterial pressure and pulse rate will increase. This is to be thought because while the subject is spelling the words the mind will be under a lot of stress therefore causing acts of anxiety or nervousness to arise, making the heart beat faster than normal.
“For procedures, refer to Lab 6, Activity 2, in the Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manual.”

Results: (See Below)


1 Minute
2 Minutes
3 Minutes
Well Conditioned Subject
BP:188/70 mmHg
HR: 61 BPM
BP: 162/62 mmHg
HR: 76 BPM
BP: 138/70 mmHg
HR: 74 BPM
BP: 130/64 mmHg HR:70 BPM
Poorly Conditioned Subject
BP: 122/44 mmHg HR: 60 BPM
BP: 139/60 mmHg HR: 80 BPM
BP: 134/65 mmHg
HR: 76 BPM
BP: 132/62 mmHg HR: 64 BPM
BP: 128/50 mmHg HR: 64

Discussion/Conclusion: To start off the experiment, a baseline was needed in order to be able to compare the different variables through out the experiment. The subject was instructed to sit and relax quietly while the blood pressure cuff and pulse plethysmograph were placed properly. After the blood pressure was taken and analyzed, it was found that the subject’s blood pressure was 122/64 mm Hg and a pulse rate of 60 bpm. Now that the baseline was obtained, continuing with the changing variables could take place. Starting with the variable of postural changes, the subject first reclined for three minutes. After the two minutes, the

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