Lab Safety Procedures By Wearing Safety Goggles

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To perform module 9 analysis, we followed Lab safety procedure by wearing safety goggles (Z87 brand), plastic apron, and a pair of latex gloves as a proper “PPE”. The team proceeded to gather module 9 analysis equipment which consisted of; an Oakton PCS tester 35 series, a HACH HQ40d portable multi-meter, a HACH digital titrator with Sodium thiosulfate titration cartridge 0.200 N, and delivery G tube. Furthermore, a stand ring with universal clamp, magnetic stirrer with magnetic stir bar, 1 Plastic Graduated cylinder (100 ml), 2 Plastic sample containers (250 ml), 2 Glass BOD Bottle (300 ml) with stopper, dissolved oxygen reagent powder pillows (2 Manganous Sulfate, 2 Alkaline Iodide-Azide,2 Sulfamic Acid powder pillows), and nail clipper. 1 Erlenmeyer flask (250 ml), Buffer standard solution for pH (4.0, 7.0, and 10.0) and Conductivity (12880µS), starch indicator solution, DI water bottle, Kim wipes. Upon gathering, we set the Lab data sheet, COC sheet, pencil, and calculator.
We draw a sample solution from the churn splitter (after thoroughly mixed) into a (250 ml) plastic sample container and closed the lid. Rinsed Oakton meter with DI water. Set the meter for pH (USA) unit and calibrated with a pH buffer standard solution (4.0. 7.0, 10.0), followed by rinsing with DI water. The meter soaked into plastic sample container and measured the pH, at the same time took the temperature reading in (F°) and TDS reading in (PPM) of the sample, followed by rinsing with DI water.

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