Labor Law

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Table of contents Introduction Definitions The Contract Leaves Information Tools Questionnaire Solution Observation Conclusion Recommendations Introduction The aim of this project was to determine the awareness of the labor law to the employees and find out if they make use of it. The labor law gives a lot of right to the employee to protect him from any abuse by his employer. It can also protect the employer, if a worker is working with him and do not follow his employment contract. The labor law makes any employer – employee relationship fair and balanced between any employer and his employee. Some right are given and by law it is compulsory for the employer to entitle his employee. Definitions Worker: A…show more content…
The reason questionnaire was used and not any tool was because it is fast, effective, accurate and not costly. The objective use of the questionnaire was to distribute as much as possible to make sure that a lot of people were asked questions and the reason was to make the result as accurate as possible. Questionnaire 1. What is the level of your education? a. Primary b. Preparatory c. Secondary d. Technical/institute e. University f. No education 2. How old are you? a. 12 – 18 b. 19 – 24 c. 25 – 30 d. 31 – 50 e. 50+ 3. Did you finish your army duty? a. Yes b. No 4. Are you employed with a contract? a. Yes b. No 5. How many days a month on average do you take off? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5+ 6. How many hours a day do you work? a. 6 b. 8 c. 10 d. 11+ 7. Do you get allowance as a compensation for extra working hours? a. Yes b. No 8. Are you aware of the labor law is? a. Yes b. No 9. If yes do you know your rights? a. Yes b. No 10. How many jobs do you have? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3+ Solution 100 copies of questionnaire were answered and the answers were listed in a table in the form of percentages. Education Primary 32% Preparatory 14% Secondary 16% Technical/institute 9% University 1% No education 28% Age 12 – 18 2% 19 – 24 21% 25 – 30 26% 31 – 50 51% 50+ 0 Done with army Yes 69% No 31% Employed with
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