Lack Of Parent Involvement : The Primary Reason For A Child 's Poor Academic Performance

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All too often I hear teachers cite a lack of parent involvement as the primary reason for a child’s poor academic performance. Many of the teachers on my campus complain that parents do not attend school functions, fail to show for parent conferences, and rarely check their child’s daily communication folder. However, I do feel these comments come from a good place. Our teachers criticize the lack of parent involvement because they understand the vital role school-community relations’ play in student development and learning. Parent involvement in the educational process positively contributes to a child’s social and academic development. Students whose parents are actively involved have better student attendance, are more likely to graduate from high school, have increased motivation and better self-esteem, and experience greater academic success (Villate, 2014). Community involvement is equally important. Community assistance could include incentives or inspiration, facilities for students to use, or sharing skills or knowledge. Additionally partnerships with the local community can open doors professionally for students as community members can make jobs and internships available or provide donations to schools in order for students to participate in activities they normally would not be able to do (Villate, 2014). I have always been under the assumption that if we could get parents in the building, then we could increase student achievement. Our district has

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