Lady Gaga 's Song, Born This Way

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Born This Way “I’m beautiful in my way ‘cause God makes no mistakes…” is the first line of the chorus to pop singer and songwriter Lady Gaga’s infamous song, “Born This Way.” With the desire to express to her listeners that loving yourself is okay, she writes out reasons why in her inspiring tune. Each line contains an encouraging set of words that will keep the listener yearning for more. Blending together the right amount of motivational lyrics with the perfect beat, Lady Gaga produced a song powerful enough to touch even the coldest of hearts. After releasing her album, Born This Way, in 2011 her fame sky rocketed. Lady Gaga’s album included songs mainly talking about loving yourself, expressing who you are, and to not be afraid to stand out. The song she named her album after stood out to her fans the most however. Her goal in writing this song was to let everyone know that every person in the world is perfect in their own way, according to an interview she did on celebrity talk show, E News, shortly after the album release. Lady Gaga’s fans, who she calls her “little monsters,” consist of a wide assortment of people who vary in age and sexuality. She has thousands of fans who are gay, straight, and bi because she believes that every person should be treated equally and she supports every kind of person by actively supporting human rights. Due to her caring and supportive attitude, Lady Gaga’s little monsters are loyal to her in every way imaginable.…
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