Lake Side Medical Center Research Paper

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Well, Lake Side medical center is a corner stone in the Belle Glade community. Having this center in the Belle Glade area has many benefits due to the many services that it provides to the residence. One of the many services that the hospital provide is its emergency care. The emergency care is basically for emergencies. For example, if someone is bleeding continuously or coughing up blood they most likely will have to report to the hospital and the working nurses will provide them with urgent care. This hospital offers great services and save a lot of peoples life. If it was not for this hospital the amount of death that could occur each year if there was not one in the area. As stated on NBC News ‘more than 200 million children worldwide under age 5 do not get basic health care leading to nearly 10 million deaths annually from treatable ailments like diarrhea and pneumonia’. It has been proven that areas without a health care center seems to have a large amount of death each year. …show more content…

The first service that is provided is the delivering of a child. Which is also known as the miracles of life when a child come to live. After the birth of a child, the newborn babies stay with their mothers in a private room and they are under watchful care every minute. The lake side medical center makes the process of having a child bearable and safe. As you can see Allowing this type of service adds more members to the community .by adding more members to the community our economy will prosper although at the moment the babies will not be able to spend nor give money, .however, the child parent will be spending money to provide their child with the basic has been said that parents spend a huge amount of money on a new born while the parent will be receiving a very special child, our community is receiving a new member and our economy is changing for the

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