Lamarc And Shamarri Case Study

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amarc and Shamarri were sitting outside on the porch one day.They could smell the neighbor cooking out on the grill. They both said that they were the better cook. So they decided to have a cook off to decide who was the best. They’re cook off will be next Saturday.

Shamarri decided to cook Chicken ,Ribs, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Sweet Potatoes, and Corn. Lamarc decided to cook Ham, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes. They decided to go to the store on Friday to get all their ingredients. They figured it will cost about 100 dollars. They would charge 10 dollars per plate in order to get their money back.

Next they had to decide who would be the judge. They talked at length and decided to ask Anne, Dot, and Shakera. The judges will not have to pay for their food. The three decided to help us out. …show more content…

They cooks would have three hours to prepare for the contest. The actual cooking could last 90 minutes. The judges will not know who cooked what until the contest was over. The cook with the most votes would win the title of best grill

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