Landlord Tenant Law

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Landlord-Tenant Law
March 9, 2016

Rights and Responsibilities of Tenant and Landlord As a tenant and as a property owner, you both have rights and responsibilities that is included in a tenancy agreement. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and problems it is very important that you both understand the rules of renting a home/apartment and the rules to allow someone to rent you home/apartment. Ordinarily, when an individual pays someone to live on their property, they become a tenant at which time they are protected by a law that is governed in their state.
As a property-owner, you have certain responsibilities, which are derived from property rental laws as well as from any arrangement whether it was
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In this case, I think it is the landlord’s responsibility. Roger contacted Larry on several different occasions. Every time Larry blew him off. As a result in Larry blowing him off, Roger’s belongings were damaged by the water. The result of that, Roger threw a baseball bat and caused damaged to the wall. The damage to the wall is what Roger is responsible for. He did it out of anger because Larry would not come and fix the leaking roof. He was wrong for doing. Yes it can be frustrating, waiting for someone to come and fix a leaking roof. Knowing that it rains a lot in the area. All he had to do was keep records of every time he contacted Larry and Larry did nothing about it. If Larry continued to ignore Roger about the leaking roof, Roger had every right to bring upon legal proceedings against Larry. Larry would then be responsible for the damage caused by the leaking roof. I do not believe that the damaged wall of socket should have to play any role in the case of the leaking roof. That would be whole different case. In which Roger is held liable because he did state that it was something that resulted from Larry’s lack of ability to fix the leaking roof.
Determine whether or not Larry has legal grounds to evict Roger. Explain why or why not.
I do not see where Larry has any permissible evidence to evict Roger. That does not mean that he would not try. If he tried to evict him he would not be successful. He has no reason to evict him. So if he wants him out
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