What Are The Roles Of English Language

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The term language describes any body of sounds, words, symbols or gestures used by specific groups of people to communicate with each other (Language, n. d.). There are many types of languages including speech, body language, sign language, and written languages such as mathematics, music and symbols. Language has many functions that are determined by the mode in which they are presented. The way language is conveyed can alter the intended meaning or context for example a difference in tone can change a comment from complimentary to sarcastic.
Language is continuously evolving. An example of this is the short, abbreviated style we now use to communicate digitally. One tiny picture called an emoji can now convey our feelings. Emojis are also universal, serving as a communication tool to bridge the gap between different languages. Other examples of language evolving are the several new forms of English that have emerged such as Aboriginal English, American English and East Asian English.
Language plays many roles in our lives as “language is both a social tool and an information tool” (Hayes & Gee, 2011, p.24). Language is a powerful means of communication, learning and self expression; and contributes substantially to our sense of identity, wellbeing and belonging. Children predominantly learn language from observing and interacting with adults. The manner in which adults use language and interact with children, determines how children learn to use language

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