Music And Music : The Language Of Music

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In a world of such vibrant colors, sounds, and breathtaking scenery is something else that can be so beautiful, but so painful at the same time; You can have the language of love that will sweep you off your feet with words of sweet nothings, melody enticing poetry, and floating sounds of harps and flutes dancing upon your ears. Language can also be the tongue of war that oozes with hatred, vengeance, and fear that pierces down to the very core of our being. So what does languages such as these and the many others that fill this vast world around us do for us as an individual, culture, society? Also we must ponder just where language comes from, do you create it or is it creating us? Have you ever watched a ballet such as The Nutcracker or Swan Lake? There is no speaking, no exchange of words, and yet you can understand completely what the story is being told just by watching the movement of the dancers and the tone of the music. Music has the ability to make you feel emotions without seeing anything, and then you add in the sweeping movements as the dancers arabesque across the stage that goes hand in hand with her facial expressions, in that moment you feel the anguish that the character is feeling. Now say you are listening to a song on the radio and it just knocks you back a step, catches you off guard just by the sheer relate-ability of it to the points in your life. It may become you anthem to help you fight through the darkness that is facing you, or maybe it is

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