Language Barrier Is Not An Issue For Chinese Students

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Every year, many international students, particularly those from China come to the United States in pursuit of their higher education. Nonetheless, these international students’ desire and quest for further education and a better future faces many hurdles, especially the hurdle of language barrier. This research paper focuses on the issue of language barrier, and its limits of the potential of Chinese international students studying in America. As will be discussed in this paper, besides limiting their educational potential, language barrier also limits other aspects of these international students’ stay in America, including their communication with the locals and accessing various social places. This paper will also examine the assertion by the other side of the divide including Chinese authorities and education stakeholders in China who claim that presently, language barrier is not an issue for Chinese students. Thus, this research paper seeks to demystify the claims and facts on this matter. Research reports have shown that that Asia, particularly China, is the leading source of foreign students who come to the United States to pursue higher education. Researchers however caution that the inability of Chinese students to communicate effectively in English is a major cause of their lack of success in education, failure to exploit their potential fully, as well as inability to enjoy their lives in the United States. Language barrier for these students hinders them from
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