Language Reflection Paper

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For this portion of the project, my partner and I went back to the neighborhood center to observe and coach the teachers with the specific language strategies we suggested for them. We did this twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Our goal for this portion of the project was to again observe and note what the teachers and children were doing well, and to provide suggestions to what could be improved. Compared to the first observations I noticed Jihan and one of the aides using more self talk and parallel talk with the children. I felt that Jihan and the aides took our suggestions to heart and tried to implement them into various situations, and not just the example situations we provided them with. During snack time Jihan did a good job of commentating on what a child was doing (now you are cleaning up your area, and now you are bringing your spoon to the bucket, and now you are going to the sink to wash your hands). In circle time, Amaira did a good job of describing what the child was doing (you are banging the instruments together, he’s playing the xylophone, she’s playing the triangle). We tried to reinforce their use of the strategies by smiling and nodding when they demonstrated the strategy. I wanted to let the know the aides that they were doing a good job, but I also did not want them to feel patronized. I think with more experience as a clinician, I will become more comfortable with reinforcing caregiver’s behavior. However I did feel timid about

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