Last Night By Sharon Olds Summary

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In the poem “Last Night” by Sharon Olds, the essence of the poem was greatly enhanced through the wistful delivery of the speaker and the present tone of lust and desire. This was obtained through the successful pronunciation of words and the various use of literary devices such as metaphors and similes, in addition to the steamy atmosphere that the erotic tone of this poem brings. The profound languages used helps the reader develop an idea of what the context is and the main idea that revolves around the sentences or words. In the where it begins with “Love?” it shows the uncertainty of an individual who’s confused and possesses unanswered questions. When the speaker emphasizes the question mark at the end of the word, it genuinely separates the idea of a general question and one that is searching for answers. The goal of the language used in the poem will not be achieved without the speaker acting on it verbally. Words are empty without emotions and therefore the speaker plays an important role that enforces meaning and structure onto what is being said. Another important factor would be the speaker’s attitude. How the speaker approaches the poem gives away the main idea, the concept and even the identity of the person behind these words. For example, if the speaker proceeds through the poem with a very positive attitude, it sets a different atmosphere than the one that would be if it was approached negatively. In this case, the speaker continues with the poem

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