Law Enforcement Assignment

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The US has three main information resources, which collect statistics regarding the employment status of law enforcement officers together with other relevant evidence that is unique to every collection. For instance, the U.S Census Bureau, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), and FBI information gathering programs have varied purposes, respondent universes, data definitions, and information collection approaches (Banks, Hendrix, Hickman, & Kycklhahn, 2016). According to the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (OCPS) (2009), in America, every jurisdiction that is served by nearly 18,000 local and state law implementation agencies regulate the number of non-sworn and sworn police officers that it …show more content…

Accordingly, Wilson and Weiss (2014) conducted a literature review for secondary information and interviews for primary data geared towards establishing and assessing the extant experiences and trends in staffing allocation. The interviews were undertaken among practitioners drawn from 20 varied agencies in America and a national focus group, which included 21 staffing professionals (Wilson & Weiss, 2014). The article also examined the weaknesses and strengths pertinent to alternative techniques to determine staffing needs and to manage demand for workload while, at the same time, minimizing usage of sworn officers. They concluded that effective and efficient approaches consider performance and workload when staffing.
2.2 Police Staffing and the Approaches Used 2.2.1 Police staffing. According to Reaves (2012), in September the year 2008, the federal organizations recruited close to120, 000 law enforcement officers on full-time basis; these officers were authorized to carry forearms and make arrests in the US. Ideally, this was an equivalent of having 40 police officers against 100,000 citizens. As such, the number of officers at the federal level in America augmented by nearly 15% representing 15,000 from 2004 through 2008 (Reaves, 2012). In addition, Reaves (2012) ascertains that the federal organizations recruited about 1,600 officers in 2008, particularly in Puerto Rico. Notably, the US has

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