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Law and Order Although televisions shows the easy, excited, and fun side of Law Enforcement, there is so much more to the job. Law Enforcement is very complex but must needed position in society. Officers are real life heroes in our communities. Education is very important to any profession and I plan to use my education to rise to the higher ranks in investigation department in Law Enforcement. My past experiences in Criminal Justice, learning the requirements and the benefits of a Law Enforcement Officer will be the result of receiving my degree in Criminal Justice at South University. I had no experience in law enforcement when I first got my job in the sheriff department. In the year of 2005, I saw an ad the local sheriff’s department was hiring for a receptionist. At the time, I was in school for Criminal Justice. I decided to apply. Three weeks later I received a phone call stating that the position was filled but there was an opening for Deputy Sheriff. I had to take a numerous amount of tests to become a Deputy. The first test I had to take was a written test. The test consists of knowledge of laws. The test also included a psychological test and moral exam. The next test I had to take was the medical exam. That exam was to make sure my body was capable of being a deputy. My vision, hearing, blood pressure, blood, and heart rate were all tested. I also had to conduct a urinary analysis. Following was the physical agility exam. The physical agility exam was to see…

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