Leaders Should Be A Successful Leader

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Gary Yukl (2006) defines leadership as “the process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it, and the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives.” (Educational leadership: A reference handbook 2002) A leader needs to take control of its employees in a workplace. They should be a trusted person, and also be a people person. Without communication, effective leadership will become a failure, due to the fact that nobody will understand what is going on in the work place. Goal setting for leaders is one of the most important factors, as they want to become a successful leader, by achieving goals for the organisation, for that to become successful as …show more content…

“You can’t always come in shouting and screaming. That doesn’t work. No one likes to get criticized. But in the football dressing room, it’s necessary that you point out your players’ mistakes. I do it right after the game. I don’t wait until Monday, I do it, and it’s finished. I’m on to the next match. There is no point in criticizing a player forever.” (The Guardian 2012) The messages that Ferguson gave to his player’s helped him gain respect in the footballing world as many former players label him as the greatest manager they’ve had. Ferguson had began his United managerial career with a strong foundation. Although in his earlier years, he had some had some mischievous players in his team, as many would go out and drink lot’s of alcohol and smoke cigarettes, which ruined their health for the play Football, however he managed to turn that around and guide them to win trophies. A leadership model you can apply to him here is Transformational Leadership, A transformational leader is a person who stimulates and inspires (transform) followers to achieve extraordinary outcomes (Robbins and Coulter, 2007) Sir Alex Ferguson, had expectations and visions for his players, and they were to be a role model and behave on and off the pitch, and succeed in winning matches and trophies. He would of then set goals to achieve for the club, which

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