Leadership : A Leader 's Role As A Nurse

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Leadership is shown in many different ways depending on the leadership style one portrays. Nursing clinical leaders also not only have to know how to adequately lead a team, but have the knowledge and skills to do so. I chose an article called Clinical Leadership: A Call to Action that spoke about the essential knowledge and clinical skills that are needed to assume a leadership position. In this paper I am going to summarize the article and then give examples of how I plan to gain and use this information when I assume a leadership role as a nurse. Clinical Leadership: A Call to Action “Nurse leaders at the bedside are clinical experts who provide direct patient care that continually improves patient outcomes and enhances the practice…show more content…
Different organizations were created to help ensure quality of care, such as; the American Nurses Association, The Joint Commission, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. National Patient Safety Goals were also created so that nurses have the knowledge about universal safety practices and protocols. The hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems (HCAHPS) was also created as a satisfaction survey for patients and/or families to fill out so that hospitals can improve areas that need improvement based off of the assessment scores sent in. Nurse leaders should be knowledgeable about the HCAHPS questions to ensure the needs are met. Variations in practice can hinder the ability to provide the quality of care that healthcare professionals want to provide by not have the accessibility to some technology such as equipment wanted. Some other variations are lack of communication between healthcare providers, experience, medical insurance coverage, lack of research, and unprepared nurses (Grindel, 2016). Many of these variations can affect the cost and if nurse leaders are cognizant of these issues they can help decrease the cost by using evidence-based research, joining committees, doing projects, and
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