Leadership And Leadership Of Jomo Kenyatta Leadership In Kenya

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Jomo Kenyatta Leadership in Kenya
Jomo Kenyatta, son of Muigai and Wambui, was born as Kamau Ngengi in the 1890s into the Kikuyu community that dwelt in an area of cane and pasture for cattle within the central part of Kenya (Kariuki, 2015). His birth date was, however, uncertain because birth records were absent at that time plus his parents were illiterate. His family comprised of farmers who grew crops and bred cattle mainly sheep and goats and that explained their source of wealth. He was brought up by the traditional custom of his community and taught the skills essential for looking after the family cattle. Kenyatta would, later on, become an anti-colonial activist and politician who worked hard to change Kenya via negotiation and change of political arena in spite of being detained because of the Mau Mau rebellion which he was accused of championing and the reason behind his imprisonment.
In 1909, Kenyatta was registered as a pupil at the Church of Scotland Mission located in Thogoto, a few miles to the north-west direction of Nairobi town where he told the British missionaries of his desire to get the education from them. While at the mission, he was taught the fundamentals of reading and writing in English besides being taught stories from the Bible and helping in performing chores. However, most of the people progressively hated the condescending way in which many of the missionaries acted towards them. Gradually, he progressed academically and became a novice
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