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In order to become more effective at leadership applications, people must learn how to more effectively communicate, listen, and embrace a variety of diverse perspectives. Positively influencing both internal and external variables on personal and professional levels require the attainment of individual and self-awareness. Having gained a relatively broad-based awareness for many diverse perspectives, all of which are very much applicable towards enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and overall organizational productivity, the following reflection paper will begin to apply a new found source of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom into some of the developmental phases necessary to positively enhance the successfulness of individual and organizational goals and objectives moving forward. Although the intricacies involved with truly embracing diversity, cultural dynamics, and individualism are widespread, adopting some basic communication and listening strategies will help to facilitate the enduring relationships necessary to reach heightened levels of satisfaction. There remains no doubt, people are different and gaining an awareness for our differences, uniqueness, values, characteristics, and work styles will comprise a foundational support element needed to galvanize relationships while fostering a more profound cultural consideration strategy (de Janaz, Dowd, & Schneider, 2012). Building enduring relationships among friends, family, and colleagues requires

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