Leadership Centered Teaching Influencing The Organization Is Going At The Same Level

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In order for a problem solver to answer questions in a home location and overseas location is going to cause for both locations to operate at the same level. The authors Collinson & Tourish (2015) stated that leader-centered teaching influenced by such heroic perspectives focuses on identifying those traits, behaviors, and competencies that are most correlated with effectiveness. The authors Collinson & Tourish made a very excellent argument about leader-centered teaching influencing how the organization is going to run. In order for an organization to both have the same decision making ideas. Both of the leadership is going to need to be influence on the same criteria for their team. I believe an excellent method for having both leader make the same decision is by having one decision making personal to keep both organizations on the same page. This method will allow for fewer confessions and allow the team to grow. This method is going to have so loop holes; however, I believe this is going to the best operation tool. By having one individual make the decision will allow for the leaders to lead their team. I believe the leaders will have a non-programmed answer for their team but need a programmed answer for the individual that is charged for product.
Each geographical location of an organization is going to have different method of leadership; however, the leaders will have some overlaps of leading individuals. Excellent leadership effectiveness is going to be a leader

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