Leadership, Communication, And Citizen Compassion

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Those whom have obtained the presidency have done so based on successful political careers. However, not all whom have held presidential office have endured the fortune of a successful presidency. Many are the theories that seek to identify the qualities of a successful president. Yet the question remains, why have some been able to transfer the success of their political careers into the Oval Office while others have had lackluster terms? What variables are possessed by some that enable success while others struggle during their four years as commander in chief? Undoubtedly, successful leaders must have the ability to properly and effectively communicate, adapt to situations quickly and efficiently, and relate to those being led. …show more content…

The third determinant of presidential success is communication aptitude. Presidents’ communication skills are constantly on display in the forms of speeches, letters, or press conferences. In addition to the obvious advantages of good communication, such skills also play a major role in bringing adaptive leadership and citizen compassion to the forefront. In the modern era, a president’s communication skills have allowed him to showcase his adaptive leadership and citizen compassion. Situations do not seem to directly affect a president’s communication skills; instead, communication skills affect the situation. Yet the relationship between communication skills and situations is especially evident in times of controversy, when a president must explain why he is not at fault for a particular incident. Franklin Roosevelt transformed the role of the federal government and the nature of the presidency. He was more exposed to and better known by the American people. He entered the presidency during turbulent and difficult times and was a successful president. Faced with a myriad of issues that ranged from overseas conflict to an alarming economy, Roosevelt managed to lead America into a better state and prosperity. Yet Roosevelt’s presidency was not without setbacks. His battle against the Supreme Court provides a perfect example of adaptive

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