Leadership From A Natural Sciences Standpoint

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There have been many studies and papers written about leadership by looking at all sorts of perspectives. More recently, researchers have started to look at the keys to leadership from a natural sciences standpoint. The world is starting to understand that our views of leadership in organizations have to be consistent with the nature of the world outside. Richard Wielkiewicz and Stephen Stelzner go so far to say that the key to effective leadership is by looking at and having a fair representation of all perspectives, that includes an environmental perspective. They not only give assertions about leadership as a whole, but they also give criteria for looking at leadership from an ecological standpoint as to better understand it.
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A third assertion says organizations are more adaptive when diversity of input is present. This is an easy statement to understand. If people with different backgrounds give input, there will be a wider range of thoughts and ideas. If an organization takes these diverse perspectives into account, they will be better able to adapt to changing thoughts and societal norms. The final assertion given is related to Wheatley’s notion of new and old science. Wheatley suggests that old science is a mechanistic view that is no longer relatable and that her idea of new science is one that needs to be followed (Wheatley, 2006, pg. 15). On the other hand, Wielkiewicz and Stelzner say that instead of just rejecting old science, there should be a tension between the two approaches. One needs to find a resolution between the traditional “industrial approach” and the lesser known neglected “ecological approach”.
There are four ecological principles than can help explain organizational leadership. They are interdependence, open systems and feedback loops, the cycling of resources, and adaptation. By looking at each principle, one can relate it back to their organization and hopefully be able to integrate the things learned with previous notions in order to make leadership more efficient. While it is an interesting idea to use scientific

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