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What is leadership? How does people perceive leadership in their everyday Life? Can we still today, in a world oriented more an more towards individualism and commitment to achievement of personal goals, talk about leadership?
Starting from with the question of what is making a person a good leader, I will analyse interviews to 5 people about leadership, then offer an excursus on selected papers about leadership and release, basing on those information the profile of a "good leader" .

STEP 1: What is a good leader?
If I would have been asked to define a good leader before attending this course, I would have probably said that a leader is a person which is able to passionate people, …show more content…

He suggests also that a leader should have a good combination of all the different aspects and apply them depending on the different situations.
Hill, Linda- Wetzlauer Suzy „Leadership when there is no one to ask": This essay is about determination. Bernabè showed determination, even through pressures, mobbing and political adverse situation like "mani pulite": he had a clear frame of what he intended to do and he did it, showing that strategy and planning can change things and that managers have to be efficient for the job they do, i.e. that it does not exist anymore the job you enter in and you can never get fired.
Parcells, Bill "The tough work of turning around a team": Parcell, actually a coach, was asked to write an article on his leadership style; his main points were: 1) do never lie. Be honest ; 2) defend your position. No compromises; 3) talk with people separately when commenting and do it positively; 4) move on goals per steps, coach for success.
Sull, Donald N. "Why good companies go bad": This essay investigates on the reasons which could bring and do bring a company to failure, such as 1. Strategic frames become blinders. Managers need to recognise new options and opportunities ; 2. Processes harden routines. Always search for new, better and cheaper ways of providing goods and services ; 3.

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