Leadership Is Important For A Leader

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Leadership is important no matter what job or organization that you are a part of in this world. When you have a leader, it shows that you have someone stable and dependable who you can count on. Some people are natural leaders and some are groomed to be leaders but whatever kind of leader that you are, you have to have the skills to be successful. “There is also more than one path to becoming a leader. Leadership is assigned when people are named to positions of power and given formal authority, such as a company vice president or a police officer. However, leadership often extends beyond these assigned positions; some individuals exhibit leadership abilities and are recognized as leaders by their groups despite not having a formal …show more content…

You have principals, assistant principals, guidance counselors, coaches, teachers and assistant teachers. They all have their fair of leadership inside of them but our leaders do a great job of motivating and inspiring people. Weekly meetings and daily emails are the first thing that inspires and motivate the teachers because they are very enthusiastic in the things that they talk about. It helps you throughout the day when you know that you are working to achieve a personal goal as well as a company goal. It’s just so helpful that you can have someone that treats you so fair and is always willing to motivate you to do well. One leadership theory that works with this organization would be the Big Five Personality Dimensions. “The Big Five personality dimensions are the product of decades of research on traits (Digman, 1990) and have shown the most promising empirical results related to leadership effectiveness. The model condenses 25 years of research into five general dimensions (or factors) that make up personality. According to this model, any individual 's personality you wish to describe is based on the following dimensions: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Openness to Experience” (Weiss 2011). Extraversion consists of having interest directed towards other things than what you want. You think outside the box and

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