Leadership Is Not Just A Ten Letter Words

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Leadership is not just a ten letter words. It is a concept to define various elements required to have some sort of authority while performing any nature of tasks. The basic element for good leadership are knowledge, imagination, determination, integrity, ability etc. with a situation or circumstances at any of the construction site, I will elaborate a clear picture of practises actually mandatory by a supervisor. Considerable factors in this exercise will be the status and life style of the work force. INTRODUCTION Leadership is defined as a relationship between an individual and a group of followers in which goal attainment of the group is influenced by the leader. Leadership in general said to be an art, which can…show more content…
So consisting this requirement of men, supervisor should be a good listener. He should listen to complaints and resentments, which may be able to have disastrous effects on the quality and possible production level of work being alone. Being a thoughtful listener always welcome the ideas from the men. Their experience and skills in the field can help to avoid any trouble at work place. Enough space should be given to them to express them openly and clearly. Regular Interaction with team & direction:- Constant watch on your subordinates can help to get zero error performance. It is the duty of supervisor to create a stress free environment to work for. Give a feel that all are important:- Workers at construction site need to work in high & low temperature. Besides their wages, the need of their food, water and rests in between should be taken care off. By way of listening employees will feel that they are also important. Provide safe environment: - It is the responsibility of supervisor to look for the safety of life and building materials, machines at the construction site. All machines should be in working condition and timely maintenance is must for safeguard of both property and life. The duty at any construction site carries a great sense of responsibility. Loyalty and integrity towards the master is one aspect for a performer. One can earn the respect from his actions. To have an understanding at work place give a boost to productivity too. Happy and

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