The Importance of Effective Supervision Through Communication

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The Importance of Effective Supervision Through Communication The importance of a good effective supervisor with good communication skills, will prove to be one of the most valuable tools to any business or working environment, the benefits are both measurable and un-measurable. The ability to give clear, complete, concise, consistent, correct and courteous information can only show the follower that you are aware, that their understanding of information is your main focus, and for those on the receiving end of the conversation; you show them your ability to be an attentive and active listener, which gives the indication to the speaker, that what they are saying is important to you as well. When communicating with someone in any setting,…show more content…
People want to be enlightened or shown appreciation for their time, so one must have the tools to determine what approaches to use, whether they be direct or persuasive, their must be a connection made. The audience is looking to the presenter to provide complete and correct information, so they can make educated decisions that may be beneficial to their own world and that of the team as well. The leader should also have the insight to give place to the input from the followers when appropriate, for the best solutions will come from those that are the closest to the problem, while giving empowerment to all directly involved. In the realm of the public and customer service, it is imperative to the future of any business to provide the customer a reason to return to you or even tell their friends about you. The impressions that we make to those who are seeking a service from us; although they will never forget a bad experience, will tell everyone and if the experiences are good, they will return happily and your hope will be; that they will also tell everyone else. There is a lot to be said about being a, “public servant”, you as the representative of a company or service personnel must have enough control on your emotions to realize the customer
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