Leadership/ Management Style. Ever Since Publix First Opened,

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Leadership/ Management Style Ever since Publix first opened, the founder George Washington Jenkins Jr., believed that if a CEO takes care of their employees then they will take care of the business. Jenkins made sure to create an above satisfactory work environment where his employees would not only be happy to come to work everyday but would also be motivated.
In the first ever opened Publix, Jenkins established an Employee Stock Ownership Trust. Creating this trust made employees feel valuable which led to a great work culture. The trust was so successful that it is still in place now. Today the Jenkins family owns about twenty percent of the company and employees own eighty percent. All employees that have worked for a year and …show more content…

Publix strives to create an environment where all of their employees are apart of the in-group.
Publix’s unique management and leadership style is a big factor in why they are constantly ranked higher than competitors such as Wal-Mart in employee satisfaction and service. If employees get treated better at work then it will carry over in their performance and customer service when interacting with guests. For instance, when roaming the isles lost in Wal-Mart an employee would typically say the isle of the product that the guest is looking for. However, in Publix the experience of the same situation is usually different. Most times a Publix employees will walk the guest over to the product that they were looking for. If the guest is in the checkout line, the Publix employee will go find the item and bring it back to the customer waiting in line. The fact that Publix is majority employee owned motivates the employees to try to help give Publix a good name and reputation.
Since motivating employees is a key part in Publix’s management and leadership style they mainly promote from within their organization rather than bringing in someone from outside of the organization. The outsider may be just as qualified or more qualified for the leadership role than the Publix employee however, if they are unfamiliar with or do not fit with the preexisting organizational culture and change it then

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