Leadership, Negotiation, and Decision Making of Malaysis and Saudia Arabia

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This chapter is divided into four parts: conclusion, theoretical implications, managerial implications, and possible future research. The first part is a conclusion which discusses the findings that can be learned from the research study. The second part discusses the implications of the theoretical framework. The third part discusses the managerial implications, and finally future possible research. Conclusion
During the process of this research I set out to see what is the leadership, negotiation, and decision making of leaders from Malaysia and Saudi Arabia? I was curious to know how do Saudi Arabian and Malaysian leadership, decision making, and negotiation differs? And How the attributes of good leaders from …show more content…

But the most remarkable is the leadership of the fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad who played a significant role in the Malaysia history of political leadership. He had been a good example of a transformative visionary leader who turned the country around from an agricultural based country to a new industrial country. But as has been shown in different situations he does not believe in the total democracy he was authoritarian and assertive when needed. By all aspects, the leaders in this research had excelled in the most areas of the proposed framework. Those men are the leaders who have shaped not only the way of their thinking personally, but also the way entire generations think today. It is noticed that the adoption of transformative leadership style was common among the leaders from both countries, and this is due to the fact that they lead for a change, they want to make a change, they want to accelerate human and economic development in their countries, not for the privilege of leadership. In my opinion this is the secret of leadership. As the former Minister of Trade And Industry Tan Sri Rafidah mentioned in the interviews, " leadership is about common sense". The previous discussion and the analysis of the data have proven the component of the proposed theoretical framework of this research study. Actually, the theoretical framework of this research is based on common sense, in another word 'logic'. Every part of it had

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