Leadership Operational Plan, Part I : Asustek Computer Inc. Essay

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Leadership Operational Plan, Part I: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

ASUS is a Taiwanese multi-national electronics and computer hardware company. Their global headquarters located in Taipei, Taiwan, where the firm originated. This firm has been a trailblazer in the area of electronics, laptops, cell telephones, and most recently robots. The founders of this organization M. Liao, T. Tung, Wayne Tsiah, and Ted Hsu M. Liao previously worked for the Acer Corporation until 1989, when they decided that could create their own products that were more efficient and cost effective. As these fledgling computer engineers chose to chase their dream the first two years of operations made them afraid that they have made the wrong choice.
With all potential tragedy comes that defining moment of greatness, in their second year of operations the company launched their Intel 486 motherboard. Only slightly beating the American powerhouse IBM to market, this startup could not even afford the processors needed to make their product functional. This story of dedication and ingenuity caught the eye of the Intel Corporation, which was fronting for an outside supplier for motherboards to their growing line of merchandise. These organizations continued to foster a symbiotic relationship, which grew into early access to enhanced processors that would be unavailable to the marketplaces’ other competitors. As time progressed and the firm’s reputation grew, they were able to forge similar relationships with

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