Leadership Philosophy : A Leader 's Employees, And Growth Of The Organization

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A clear leadership philosophy is important to the success of a leader, development of the leader’s employees, and growth of the organization. As a future leader, I will explore my own leadership philosophy built on the principles of integrity, openness, and humility. I will discuss the importance of creating an environment that fosters mutual respect, recognizes each individual’s potential, and inspires success. Using my own philosophy as a guide, I will discuss and analyze the approach a commander takes in managing her most challenging leadership issue and will compare and contrast her actions with my own leadership philosophy. My leadership philosophy is as follows: Leadership is forming relationships with people and guiding them to reach their full potential. My leadership philosophy developed over my professional career from research completed in leadership classes and personal experiences with leaders. The foundation of my leadership philosophy is formed on the principals of integrity, openness, and humility. Creating the right environment enables individuals to tap into their own potential and move the organization to accomplishing the mission. Openness and honesty eliminate communication barriers and allow for creative progress. Lack of humility can create an unnecessary obstacle. Leaders who view themselves as superior to their employees often inhibit productivity and ingenuity. The integrity of leaders is reflected in their decisions and in their

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