Leadership Reflection

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Ronetta Lewis
HSA 4939
Leadership Reflection Report Leadership is the root of change, whether it be in a person, organization, or both. It is a skill that is best to be built upon during one’s entire life and it’s capable of affecting a vast number of people. Everyone automatically assumes that people in higher positions are leaders when in all actuality, anyone has what it takes to be a leader. There are principles of leadership well beyond the book we were assigned to read, but I’m grateful to have gotten to learn about (and apply) a few of them to the outpatient clinic. Without knowing about the principles to be discussed in the following paragraphs, I most likely would not have displayed the leadership skills that I have during my …show more content…

As a new practice manager, this caused me to step out of my comfort zone and quickly devise a plan to get the clinic back on track. After noting the issues, I talked it over with my subordinates, and advised that we worked together to achieve the best results. I provided insight (stage two) to them on how we could improve patient satisfaction, avoid HIPAA violations by not leaving medical records exposed, and stressed the importance of communication. I also informed them about the importance of their roles and that being absent without a heads up, sets everyone back. In the way that I delivered the message without demeaning anyone, this led to the third stage of ‘will = intentions + actions’. Since everyone now had direction and proper guidance, all that was left for us to do was commit to our individual tasks. In no time, the clinic was back in good standings and we were all getting along well, resulting in a positive atmosphere that was noticeable to our outpatients. This principle led to a domino effect, whether it was positive or negative depended on us.
Lastly, ‘the map’ principle encompassing the three F’s of foundation, feedback, and friction allowed me to take the leadership role of analyzing patient satisfaction and developing a patient survey in hopes of improving it. In the first step of setting the standard (foundation), I

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