Leadership Reflection

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One day when I was a kid, my father, my mother and I went to an ice cream shop, but unfortunately, they were running out of Ice cream, they only had two remaining for the three of us, my father gave one to me and shares the other one with mom. This lesson teaches me how the leader sacrifices for the sake of the group benefits over his own interest, and how to come to the best decision that makes everyone happy. Successful leadership is one of the most significant parts of human behavior, and one of the most important aspects that is directly involved in the work that is responsible for directing the various tasks and resources. The first step in a leadership road is to feel the importance of the message that you wanted to deliver and to believe in your ability to lead in order to have a strong personality. In addition, you should have the passion to work as a leader and face the good/bad facts with courage and wisdom. Leadership is not just about achieving goals, but it's a method and opportunity to make a change and help to grow people's mentality by making them achieve goals creatively instead of turning into machines that are just functioning via commands -- Manager style. A leader’s mission is very critical and many aspects might contribute to the desired change. However, I believe that there are four principal attributes that play a very important role for a successful leader, which are: humanity, commitment, vision, and inspiration.
Humanity is the first and the most

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