Leadership Reflection

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Over the course of the semester, I have had the chance to study more in depth all the traits and skills that make up an exceptional leader. During this time, I have participated in several activities that have allowed me to become more self-aware with some of my own leadership abilities and these activities have given me a chance to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, in my everyday life. With this new understanding I have about my own skill sets, I can look for ways to improve upon my strengths and develop my weaknesses to further my capabilities to effectively lead. I aspire to one day hold a position with legitimate authority and aspire to learn to become a trusted, authentic leader in my future workplace. Prior to understanding how to evaluate myself as a leader, it was important for me to gain an understanding of the evolution of leadership. At the beginning of the semester, I came in with the belief similar to the Great Man Theory of leadership, which states that great leaders are born and factors such as personal experiences and education are only models for your abilities but are not responsible for making you a leader. It wasn’t until later, when I understood the concept of the Behavioral Theory of leadership and that we all have the potential to continually learn and improve our existing traits to condition ourselves as better leaders. Once I acknowledged the fact that I have the capacity to grow my leadership prowess and enhance my
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