Leadership Skills, Traits And Behaviors

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Leadership Skill, Traits and Behaviors Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Date: 26th February, 2015. I have selected the option 1 that is to interview the business leader or any professional. I found it a great opportunity to have an interview with my most favorite leader of Ford Motors. As I want to peruse my career in running my own car manufacturing company. This interview helped me a lot to grasp the clear understanding of the leadership styles and skills which a leader really needs to portray for the success of his organization. Ford Motor Company is the American International automaker founded by Henry Ford in 1903. It introduced the concept of the large scale manufacturing of cars and the management of large scale…show more content…
He also said that the environment of an organization should be developed in such a way that people would love to help each other to get the problem solved easily and a safe environment should be created so the people would have open and honest dialogues about their mistakes. In his views leadership is all about having authentication on who you are and what you really believe in. and at Ford motors they have designed a card having a business plan on one side and the expected behaviors listed on the other side(DeRue, Nahrgang, Wellman, & Humphrey, 2011). He also focused on the decision making power of leaders and their proactive approach towards the changes in the external environment. The leaders should recognize the changes occurring in the environment while trying to make sense of it and to respond it quickly. It will help the leaders to understand the environment and the necessary operations to operate in such complex environments. It is always a critical challenge to the leaders to identify and understand the happenings of the external environment and conducting the business operations in that environment. He also analyzed that the good leader must have the ability to take his organization to the large context by arranging the meetings of all the leadership teams and every business and
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