Leadership Style of Jack Welch

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"If leadership is an art, then surely Welch has proved himself a master painter." - Business Week, May 28, 1998. "The two greatest corporate leaders of this century are Alfred Sloan of General Motors and jack Welch of GE. And Welch would be the greater of the two because he set a new, contemporary paradigm for the corporation that is the model of the 21st Century." - Noel Tichy, Professor of Management, University of Michigan, and a longtime GE observer. Introduction |On September 6, 2001, John Francis Welch Jr. (Jack Welch), Chairman and |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | |Chief Executive Officer of General Electric Co. (GE),1 retired after |…show more content…
Reuben Gutoff promised that he would | | |prevent him from getting entangled in GE red tape and would create a | | |small-company environment with big-company resources for him. This theme| | |of 'small-company environment ' with 'big-company resources ' came to | | |dominate Jack Welch 's own thinking as the leader of GE. | | Jack Welch quickly rose to become the head of the plastics division in 1968. He became a group executive for the US$1.5 billion components and materials group in 1973. This included plastics and GE Medical Systems. |[pic][pic][pic] |In 1981, Jack Welch became GE 's youngest CEO ever (Refer Exhibits I & | | |II). His predecessor, Reg Jones said, "We need entrepreneurs who are | | |willing to take well-considered business risks - and at the same time | | |know how to work in harmony with a larger business
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