Leadership Styles From One Person Or An Organization

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The concept and definition of leadership and style may differ from one person or organization to another. Different situations or occurrences may also determine or define leadership and style to people or an organization. The word "Leadership" has been used in several aspects of human endeavours such as politics, businesses, academics etc. Previously, people viewed leadership as a personal ability, hence the question, "Are leaders born or are leaders made". Messick and Kramer (2004) argued that the degree to which an individual exhibits leadership traits depends not only on his characteristics and personal abilities, but also on the characteristics of the situation and the environment in which he finds himself. Since human beings are the makeup of an organization, this means that the extent to which they are active members depend on how they are convinced that their membership will enable them to achieve their predetermined objectives. Leadership style in an organization plays a significant role in increasing or reducing the commitment and interest level of the individuals in the organization. Thus, Glantz (2002) emphasizes the need for a manager to identify his leadership style.
On the other hand, organizational performance refers to the ability of an enterprise to achieve such objectives as a high profit, quality product, large market share, good financial results, and survival at pre-determined time using relevant strategy for action…
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