Leadership Styles From One Person Or An Organization

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The concept and definition of leadership and style may differ from one person or organization to another. Different situations or occurrences may also determine or define leadership and style to people or an organization. The word "Leadership" has been used in several aspects of human endeavours such as politics, businesses, academics etc. Previously, people viewed leadership as a personal ability, hence the question, "Are leaders born or are leaders made". Messick and Kramer (2004) argued that the degree to which an individual exhibits leadership traits depends not only on his characteristics and personal abilities, but also on the characteristics of the situation and the environment in which he finds…show more content…
I will be utilizing the Transformational- Transactional leadership theories to carry out this analysis. Relevant issues/challenges will be highlighted and I will end this with my recommendations on which type of leader I think is best suitable. 2. REVIEW OF CURRENT ORGANIZATION I currently work in one of the major Finance industries in corporate America. It’s a global organization with its headquarters in Zurich Switzerland, employing over 60,000 people globally. It has offices in more than 50 countries in the world. This is a fairly large organization and the leadership styles vary across the regions and are also at times determined by these regions or environment. The financial industry leadership framework sets out not just skills and competencies but also the personal characteristics and behaviours it expects from its leaders. My organization looks for people who are positive, confident and genuine, with the ability to inspire and encourage their teams. A key part of my company 's ' programme for building leaders is organising coaching sessions with experienced coaches who have distinguished themselves as admirable leaders in our industry and beyond . These sessions last for a period of 4 weeks were the coach understudies and guide the leader into ways of motivating and inspiring his team to achieving the organizations set goals and objectives. I work with the HR Business
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