Leadership and Nursing Essay

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Leadership and Nurse Productivity

Leadership and Nurse Productivity This paper will review an article by Elizabeth Curtis and Rhona O’Connell in Nurse Management-UK. “Essential leadership skills for motivating and developing staff” reviews the importance of leadership skill and empowering staff (Curtis & O'Connell, 2011). This article discusses the effect manager has on the staff they supervise, and how a negative attitude can produce negative results; whereby a positive and supportive environment can produce staff
Nursing Leadership and Developing Staff Productivity.
In the article, Curtis and O’Connell discuss the difference between transactional and transformational leadership. Transactional leadership is based on
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This also shows the staff they are a valuable part of the team.
Intellectual stimulation demonstrates the aptitude for creativity and advancing knowledge base. These leaders encourage their staff to continue their knowledge of the field. They provided mentorship encourage nurses to become certified or get advanced degrees.
Individual consideration is where leaders are supportive to their staff’s needs. In this article, Curtis and O’Connell determined that staff will leave a position because the manager did not show concern for the staff. Managers must realize that staff needs social contact and friendship and should be treated with dignity and fairness. Through these leadership skills a manager can create an environment that encourages staff to behave in a mature way, express creativity and enable participation in decision making processes. This will increase job satisfaction, staff retention and productivity.
Importance of This Article This article discusses skills for motivating and developing staff. This article also discusses transformational leadership verses transactional leadership. Transformational leadership is important because it provides not only direction but it also creates opportunities for professional development (O'Brien et al., 2008). Through the information here on encouraging staff to participate, to be creative and to continue gaining self- confidence, a manager can excel in
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