Leadership Styles Of Autocratic Leadership Style Essay

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2.4 Which is More Effective
TechFunc believes that there is no the most effective leadership style, which can bring the best profit and suit all organizations, in the world. Same to autocratic leadership and democratic leadership styles, they have contrastive characteristics and respective benefits and drawbacks so that they will do positive effects only be utilized right way in suitable condition. When strong control is needed, the autocratic leadership style can be used in this situation where there is no space for error. And autocratic leaders can prevent people from going dangerous way by enforcement when the employees are less experienced and intelligent than them. But if rigid rules are explored in highly professional and independent mind teams, it can lead to anger and morale. Military and Manufacturing are the typical industry involving autocratic leadership style.
The democratic leadership style is best used in situations where change is frequent, as the democratic system offers a great flexibility to adapt to better ways of doing things. However, making decision slowly sometimes misses the optimal timing while innovating newer and better products. Also, democratic leadership style can bring the best experience to the highly professional group which capitalizes on their talents by sharing views, rather than simply follow the decision made by the leader. It is very important to combine different areas of expertise to make decision which is very diverse and complex,
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