Leadership Styles Of The Leadership

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Leadership has been around for many years yet, still unable to contain it in a particular definition everyone agree on. There are numerous effective leadership styles used in the organization to achieve their goals. “Leadership is becoming increasingly recognized as a crucial issue for organizations facing change in a complex and volatile environment.”(Higgs 2009, p. 165) The leader is the person who can guide and inspire others to do things according to their needs with the success of the group as a goal. “Leadership may be considered as the process of influencing the activities of an organized group in its efforts toward goal setting and goal achievement.” (Stogdill 1950, p. 3) If the team led by powerful leader, it is most likely that the team will be able to meet the goals as well as their purpose and success.

Participative Leadership

The participative leadership is the management style that invited information from member’s decisions. It is a method of leadership that involves all team members in terms of identifying important goals as well as developing the approaches and processes to achieve the objective. From this view, this style of leadership allowed leader to work closely with other team members focusing on building relationships and harmony. This type of leadership worked very well towards group work as this allowing team to support in the process of making decision to provide contribution and assign thoughts as well as rises participation in the team as a

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