Leadership Styles : Transformational Leadership

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One leadership style stands out for its potential to advance organizational goals and achievement: Transformational Leadership. Understanding how leadership affects operations and the role it plays in organizations is crucial to success. This manuscript will examine Transformational leadership. It will also give examples of people that have embraced this leadership style. Finally, to help better understand the stance taken the text will explore several views on Transformational Leadership and why this leadership style is central to the advancement of organizations.
In an ever changing world, organizations need to encourage effective leaders. To survive, they must also grow, adapt, and continually try out and adjust to new ideas. Transformational leadership plays a vital role in the advancement and success of organizations. This leadership style is the most effective in reaching success today and in the future.
The concept of Transformational Leadership was established by James Macgregor Burns in 1978 to describe “that leaders and followers make each other advance to a higher level of morality and motivation.” In 1985 Bernard Bass expanded on this concept by seeing transformational leadership as being inextricably linked with higher order values. Bass originally saw it as amoral, and attributed transformational skills to people such as Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones, although he later changed his view after discussion with Burns. (“Bass’ Transformational Leadership Theory”).
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