Leadership and Ethics

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Abstract Although managers need leadership qualities in order to effectively complete their tasks, it is imperative to understand the difference between a manager and a leader. Management is a function in which directives are carried out and executed during the day to day activities of the business, while leaders innovate, and bring forth ideas envisioned that many would discount as possibilities. A leader must understand their role and the effect they have on others. Failure to understand the extinct a leader has on his/her organization and the operations of the company may cause turbulence and discontent in their subordinates. When this understanding is breached, resistance, mistrust, and defiance receive an open invitation. It is…show more content…
Leaders may become managers but not all managers are able to be leaders. Leaders are the individuals who go beyond the status quo, their views are different, and they are less conservative and willing to take the necessary risks to achieve a goal. These key factors separate leaders from managers. Leaders are able to lead because people have belief in their capabilities and it inspires individuals to stretch themselves beyond their limits. Leaders are capable of selecting talent, coaching, motivating, and building trust (Maccoby, M., 2000). Is the CEO trying to lead or manage this change initiative? The CEO is managing the change initiative as opposed to leading it. Leaders are individuals who are visionaries and see the horizon and the long term effects of the decisions made. He has leadership qualities as managers should have, however, management’s trust in his decisions is lacking. Leaders are noble for building relationships and motivating individuals to follow their lead, however, he is experiencing resistance due to the lack of trust and belief his subordinates have in his capabilities. In Organizing Genius(Addison-Wesley, 1997) Bennis and Patricia Ward Biederman point out that leaders of great teams pick talent on the basis of excellence and ability to work with others. (Maccoby, M, 2000). A leader has the ability to recognize and select
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